We believe that some of challenges that we faced at the beginning of the idea is how to put uniqueness features and services only in LE PARK, as well as the development of a unique and distinctive design fits with our target segment which is Class (A, B+, B).

And about those features, for example:

Solar System:
Our belief when facing suffering of electrical problem is to put a solution of energy problem, which has recently overtaken Egypt & thought about how to avoid it, in the future in addition to what is more important than that which is renewable and clean energy, which has become the direction of the world now to use & this is why, We have been contracted to set up a power generation 1 Mega of  (Compound LE PARK) and thus will be completely dispense with the regular electric power and can use solar energy for all devices which are used 100% in the operation of all devices.

Home Automation:
Through this feature the program is installed on your phone that in all electrical appliances, lighting &devices inside your unit is controlled through the program so as to provide maximum comfort to our client as well as the full safety through the entire unit linked to a warning which is controlled remotely in the event of any attempt to theft or similar unit will be shut down automatically & also directing a direct warning to the room of security to protect your units.

LE PARK built a way that maintains the aesthetic appearance & green spaces, we have to build on approximately 20% of the total area & we take care of landscaped & the aesthetic view of the project.

Shopping Mall:
When establishing the Shopping Mall, we focus to include the biggest names &brands in addition to the World complex of restaurants, cafes & recreational areas for children .Luxury Health Club.

The project consists of 50 villas & 7 Buildings
The total units of “apartments” 152-156-196 & 202 M”
The villas with total areas starts from 318 m to 372 m (TWIN VILLA & TOWN HOUSE)